“The Butler” – I Grew Up in the 1960’s…

27 Aug

And Don’t Recall Any of That Race Shit Being Important…

The Butler’s negative reimagination comes at a real social cost. Watching the movie, the viewer comes away thinking that the civil rights movement has largely failed. But the actual record is more upbeat. It is unfortunate that Daniels did not start The Butler during the Truman years. In 1948, Truman decided to desegregate the U.S. armed forces by executive order.

My quarrel with The Butler is that its wrong narrative of the evolution of race relations serves to strengthen a set of misguided government programs at a time when it is no longer possible to bless all actions of the civil rights movement.

I do recall sending men to moon, transistor radios and Woodstock…

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One Response to ““The Butler” – I Grew Up in the 1960’s…”

  1. John Pryce September 5, 2013 at 1:23 am #

    Might have been more interesting still if he had started it during the Wilson administration, because he was the one that segregated the Army in the first place.

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