Gayness used to be pretty awesome…

6 Nov

Best Daily Caller column in some time….

Stalinists wouldn’t know Freddie Mercury if he jizzed on their Wesleyan College Speech Codes.

The progressives hosed all of that activity down. The progressives have filled the back-alley glory holes with petitions. They have condemned clubs named “The Toilet” and erected phone-banking operations for Media Matters. They have taken away your leather costumes and dressed you in Obama-Biden T-shirts. They have taken away your poppers and your molly and handed you $14 apple martinis.

And, most egregiously of all, they call you, the gays, members of the “LGBTQIA community.” I had to look it up, but this is what it stands for: “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Questioning, Intersex, and Asexual.” Asexual!

If you want to put on a mesh shirt and take on two dudes at once, you’re the same as an “Asexual” librarian. If you’re blue-balling your teenage lover by merely “Questioning” and not committing, you’re the same as guys who have been walking around holding hands on sidewalks since the Carter years. If you’re a regular, normal, everyday gay guy in a healthy relationship, you get lumped into the same group with people who were born with two different sets of genitalia.

We see a proud subculture reduced to a series of self-important Twitter hashtags employed by stupid college-aged women.

Time to man up…


Daily Caller




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