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Justin Trudeau’s Electoral Reform…

11 May

An idea so good, we don’t need your input…

In most totalitarian states, the people got one chance to elect their dictators… Justin Trudeau and Liberal Party of Canada are skipping that part …

“If a new electoral system is deemed to better ensure that every Canadian vote counts (in the absence of a referendum vote, in which every vote really would count), Canada could very well see itself presented with a new, different and unfamiliar means of electing governments,  achieved by consultations with select Canadians, assessed by a committee controlled by Liberals who were elected in an illegitimate first-past-the-post election and reviewed by a group of unelected senators. It doesn’t get much more fair, inclusive and representative than that.”

Robyn Urback: Liberals are totally committed to a fair and open Liberal-dominated review of Canada’s electoral system



I’m Back

2 May

Been awhile and lots has happened – I feel compelled offer my two cents about what’s happening in more than 140 characters on Twitter – @MarkOkanagan ..

Look for lots about Media, Trudeau, Obama, Islamic Terror SJW, Economics, Climate and the pacification of society at the hands of our betters in government, academia and the media.

More to come..

If women ran the world, we’d still be living in the trees…

3 Dec

Intuition is thinking without thinking…And Women are really good at….

Not Thinking?….

A pioneering study has shown for the first time that the brains of men and women are wired up differently which could explain some of the stereotypical differences in male and female behaviour, scientists have said.

“These maps show us a stark difference – and complementarity – in the architecture of the human brain that helps to provide a potential neural basis as to why men excel at certain tasks, and women at others,” said Ragini Verma, professor of radiology at the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia.

Because the female connections link the left hemisphere, which is associated with logical thinking, with the right, which is linked with intuition, this could help to explain why women tend to do better than men at intuitive tasks, she added.

Intuition is thinking without thinking. It’s what people call gut feelings. Women tend to be better than men at these kinds of skill which are linked with being good mothers,” Professor Verma said.

Men are Logical, Women are Emotional… who knew.

The Independent

Saudi “Trusted Travelers” What Could Possibly go Wrong…

21 Mar

Robes and Burkas – whisked right through security…


Because everyone knows, not all Muslims are terrorists…

Sun TV

Saying something is so, doesn’t make it so…

7 Jan

Another Gay Dilema – Of their own making…

Who Is A Mother When Same-Sex “Marriage” Arrives?

“First baby born in France in 2013 has two mothers

The story informs us the birth mother is named Maude, while her live-in companion is called Delphine. The ex-fetus, miraculously made a human being at birth, is christened Sacha….

Sacha, despite the headline has but one mother…

This is not opinion, but the necessary scientific, biological conclusion given the sexual procreative nature of human beings. A man was involved in the creation of Sacha, just as her mother Maude was.

That people have the right to call a thing what it is not is granted. I may, in a fit of sheer jollity, call a 1987 Buick Skylark a scrambled egg. But that doesn’t mean I could eat the car with a side of bacon. The absurdity reaches its full height if I insist that you must also call the car breakfast, lest you hurt my feelings.

A person cannot have two mothers; which is to say, the thing itself is impossible…

Wm Briggs

There are two kinds of writer: those that make you think,

23 Aug

and those that make you wonder…

Here’s the winner…

As he told her that he loved her she gazed into his eyes, wondering, as she noted the infestation of eyelash mites, the tiny deodicids burrowing into his follicles to eat the greasy sebum therein, each female laying up to 25 eggs in a single follicle, causing inflammation, whether the eyes are truly the windows of the soul; and, if so, his soul needed regrouting. — Cathy Bryant, Manchester, England

Go ahead and make your pick…

She slinked through my door wearing a dress that looked like it had been painted on … not with good paint, like Behr or Sherwin-Williams, but with that watered-down stuff that bubbles up right away if you don’t prime the surface before you slap it on, and – just like that cheap paint – the dress needed two more coats to cover her. — Sue Fondrie, Appleton, WI


via Villainous Company

Homophobes Outed…Across the Country

1 Aug

Homophobes across the US flock to lunch… even in Chicago

Pictures worth a thousand words…

That Chick-fil-A boycott is really working out well

…it looks like people are, ahem, flocking to Chick-fil-A restaurants across the country. Either because they hate gay people or they love free speech, depending on your perspective.
Daily Caller

Or, Structural Sin Made Me Do It

19 Jul

If you’re a looter The Bishop has your back….

Even lighting a shop on fire to watch it burn can be considered morally ambiguous if much has gone wrong already.

Price’s comments have been widely reported, with opinion coalescing around the idea that Price has, literally, lost his mind. But this is unfair, because, literally, Price was merely quoting another churchman, one Father Austin Smith, who made his ecstatic comments after the Toxteth riots in the 1980s. In that feast of spirituality, “468 police officers had been injured, 500 people arrested and at least 70 buildings demolished.”


It’s either Structural Sin or State Childrearing

h/t   Wm Briggs

Aspiring-Rap-Artist = Contradiction in Terms

17 Jul

What exactly to what inner city gangster/suburban white boys aspire in this regard, and what about rap is art..

But they never seem to last long enough to provide the answer…Some good reading from the Captain..

Seems to be a theme

h/t Captain Capitalism

At least churchgoers will have their choice of pews on Sunday if they want to hang with the transgendered community

17 Jul

The Epic fail of Liberal Christendom…

You’d think that liberal religion at least would be a market winner—you get to be right with God, and still party hearty.  Turns out liberalism doesn’t work any better in the pulpit and pew either.  The figures are out, and the pews are emptying out at Episcopal churches everywhere in the U.S.

Exactly how big is the GLBTG church-going population? No doubt some of them dig the costumes

h/t Power Line

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