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They Said if I Voted Republican, There’d be World War 3…

27 Aug

Military strikes on Syria…

The United States could hit Syria with three days of missile strikes, perhaps beginning Thursday, in an attack meant more to send a message to the Syrian regime than to topple Bashar al-Assad or cripple his military, senior U.S. officials told NBC News.

Some U.S. allies, notably Britain, have signaled that a limited strike on Syria could take place without U.N. Security Council approval. But Russia and China both made clear Tuesday that they would be deeply displeased with such a move.





But We Have a Ground Game…

5 Nov

Team Obama is happy to talk about their “ground game” and Get Out The Vote… Team Romney’s ground game appears to be a little more sophisticated…

Project Orca

It is estimated that Project ORCA will decipher 18 to 23 million people have voted by the time all voting has concluded…

The general idea is to conduct the world’s largest exit poll. Through Project ORCA, at any given moment we will know the current ballot in every State, DMA & County… For example: if we happen to be down in a state at lunch time, we can pinpoint exactly what is causing it. So, if we know we’re going to win X state by 3 points, let’s move our resources to Y state, county. In sum, Project ORCA will give us an enormous advantage by being able to know the current result of a state.

Sounds better than busing out-of-state illegals to the polls.

via Power Line

The 47% is only 47%

5 Nov

No matter how you slice it…

Mitt Romney nailed it in his “47%” comments earlier.  There are 47% of the US electorate who will vote for Obama no matter what.  But only 47%.  Obama has not polled above 50% in any national poll for months – and if he polls at 47% – 48% that’s about all he can expect to get in the election.  That means Romney wins the popular vote. Voter ID numbers means he wins the Electoral College as well.

Gallup is calling the election R 50%, O 49% – that means the final will be a minimum 2 pt win for Romney – but when it comes to who will show up to vote – Gallup has bad news for Team Obama, but they buried at the bottom of the table;

Demographics of Likely Voters, Recent Presidential Elections, Gallup Polls

Republicans enjoy a 7% increase in those who will vote from 2008, while the Dems are seeing a 4% decrease – voters likely to vote are R+3 in 2012 over 2008, these numbers hold for swing states and national … R +3 means a likely ECV in the 315 range for Romney.

Red State, Gallup

Obama – “A Prop in My Own Campaign”…

5 Nov

So exactly the role he plays in the White House…

In 2008 when he spoke people fainted – in 2012 when speaks, people walk out

“…we were talking about how as the campaign goes on, we’ve become less relevant,” Obama joked. “I’m sort of a prop in the campaign.”

“The power is not with us anymore,” Obama reminded his cheering supporters. “The planning, everything we do doesn’t matter because now it’s up to you.”

But as Obama was speaking, many people took their cue and began making their way to the exits to beat the parking lot traffic on the way out.

Can you say Mittmentum…

Washington Examiner

“This man is a leader.” – Paul Ryan

29 Oct

New Romney ad – closing the deal…



“I don’t think I’ve seen a moment in our nation’s history when a man and the moment have met so perfectly.” – Paul Ryan

via No Quarter

Romney’s Perfect Storm

29 Oct

Gathering Storm

Hurricane Sandy notwithstanding, the Obama campaign faces a perfect storm in the confluence of an expanding state by state battleground, the steady movement of independents and soft Obama voters to Romney and demographics.  The left has long held that the changing face of the American population would help their chances — oops…

Percent of Population Racial Group Percentage Obama – Romney
73.2 White 35 — 65
11.5 Black 96 — 4
10.4 Hispanic 65 — 35
3.7 Asian 53 — 47
0.7 Native American 60 — 40
0.5 Other 45 — 55


Time for Dems to Hit Panic Button

Their plan was to disqualify Romney at the outset, rather than other up a compelling agenda for a second term. They essentially decided to run a challenger’s race, dragging down the opponent in a wave of negative ads. When Romney took the stage at the first debate in Denver, he didn’t just defeat Obama, he defeated Obama’s entire campaign plan. The Romney on the stage didn’t match the caricature painted by Obama and the media. It gave him an opening which he seized.

Even if they were capable, there simply is not enough time for the Dems to recalibrate in time for November 6.

Unskewed Polls, Breitbart


Benghazi Aftermath – Time For A Change

24 Oct

After more than a month of witnessing Obama lie about, spin and deny the events in Benghazi, it is sobering and comforting to recall the words of Ronald Reagan in the aftermath of the bombing of the US Marine barracks in Beirut in 1983…

“If there is to be blame, it properly rests here in this office, with this president,” Reagan said….

“Let me finally say that I have soberly consider the commission’s word about accountability and responsibility of authorities up and down the chain of command ….

“I do not believe, therefore, that the local commanders on the ground — men who have suffered quite enough — should be punished for not fully comprehending the nature of today’s terrorist threat. If there is to be blame it properly rests here in this office and with this president. And I accept the responsibility for the bad as well as the good.”

The contrast in character and leadership between the two Presidents could not be more stark. Nor is the contrast between Obama and Romney.

via Villainous Company

Why America is the greatest country – Ever…

23 Oct

BBC poll: The rest of the world favors Obama, especially France…

In the United States, 51 percent prefer Romney, while 46 percent favor Obama, according to the most recent Gallup poll.

The countries with the largest pro-Obama majorities were France (72 percent for Obama, 2 percent for Romney), Nigeria (66 percent for Obama, 11 percent for Romney), Canada (66 percent for Obama, 9 percent for Romney), the UK (65 percent for Obama, 7 percent for Romney) and Australia (67 percent for Obama, 6 percent for Romney).

Too bad about about Canada – after 76 years of Liberal rule that ruined the country, and the slow and steady repairs made by the Harper Conservatives, you’d think we’d know better.
You don’t get to be a leader by following the pack…


Winners Win…Losers Talk

23 Oct

Is there any chance Romney knows what he is doing?

All day long following the foreign policy debate, conservative commentators, pundits and talk radio callers have been whinging about Romney not attacking Obama over Libya.  Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and most others on the right (with the possible exception of Anne Coulter) continue to question Romney’s conservative bona fides.

For months we heard many on the right complain about Romney over his apparent evolving views on abortion, health care mandates and foreign policy.  This past week we have heard people advising the Romney campaign on where to spend resources in the final weeks of the campaign. Pat Caddell calls the Romney campaign the “worst in history”…

Romney defied all the experts by winning the primaries, he stuck to his game plan throughout the spring and summer. He chose his running mate despite conventional wisdom suggesting Ryan would be more millstone than touchstone. He capitalized on the RNC convention and throughout August, September and October solidified his base and won over more and more independents.

All his debate performances have provided his campaign with increasing momentum and significant increases in support in traditionally blue states and looks poised to take the election with a significant mandate in both the popular vote and the electoral college.

When one runs to lead on a platform of competence, experience and an ability to succeed, and demonstrates throughout his campaign exactly those attributes, in the face of withering opposition and skepticism (often from his own party), with the resulting level of support and acceptance by a growing majority of the key groups of voters he needs – isn’t it time to give Romney and his team the benefit of the doubt that they know what they’re doing, and let them do it?

After all – isn’t that what is expected in a President?



CBS Post Debate Focus Group Swings Romney…

23 Oct

After last night’s foreign policy debate, a focus group of undecided Ohio voters pulled together by CBS broke 3 to 1 for Romney – reflecting the probable state of the race in OH, VA, PA, NH, CO, and likely WI.

The focus group seemed satisfied that Romney would make a great Commander in Chief – the CBS news staffers are devastated…


Two Words for you – “President Romney”

via I Hate the Media

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