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Alarmist – in – Chief

1 Nov

Back after a little time off – I managed to let the “Shutdown”, the “NSA” the “Defund” and even the “Obamascare” go by without comment- all of which are classic progressive communist debacles. Now this…

Obama orders government to prepare for impact of global warming

“The question is not whether we need to act,” Mr. Obama said at the time. “The question is whether we will have the courage to act before it’s too late.”


Inside China: Nuclear submarines capable of widespread attack on U.S.

Chinese calculations for nuclear attacks on the U.S. are chillingly macabre.

“Because the Midwest states of the U.S. are sparsely populated, in order to increase the lethality, [our] nuclear attacks should mainly target the key cities on the West Coast of the United States, such as Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego,” the Global Times said.

Obama will deal with the Chinese threat, as soon as he fixes the Internet…. 

Via Drudge


China can be a deeply sexist society…

31 Jan

Globe and Mail reaches an astonishing conclusion…

For many young women, showing up at home with a pleasant-looking, well-behaved boyfriend – even if your family never sees him again – is better than enduring two weeks of questions about why there’s no marriage or kids on the horizon.

But most, he adds, “just want someone to go with them to their hometown for three days, just to meet their parents and let them know they have a boyfriend.”

Sexist, Racist, Atheist, Communist – you name it, China’s got it….

The New World awaits

Globe and Mail

Blame Bush – Chart of the Day…

30 Jan

The Obama Recovery Continues….

$312 Billion In Debt “Adds” Negative $5 Billion In GDP…

What was it about the law of diminishing Fed stimulus returns again? But don’t worry: “the market is up.Because if $165 billion in Q4 stimulus could not even generate a positive GDP return, at least it sent the Russell 2000 soaring.

Zero Hedge

Greek Tragedy Sequel … 2013

29 Nov

This is becoming comical.  The Greeks defaulted in March – since then, there have been at least five solutions to the Greek crisis…The US has already leapt off the “Fiscal Cliff” (they just won’t admit it), China is a fiction and Europe is dying…

Taking Advantage Before Year-End

The latest Greek crisis has been resolved for the moment in the way that it always gets resolved which is to give them more money and pile on more debt. The numbers were falsified once again, the rhetoric was another mass of purposeful confusion, the “ifs, buts, thats and the others” were plentiful and Europe made one more mockery of itself but what else is new. The Spanish banks are to be helped economically, 60% of the workforces will be laid off for these troubled institutions, the Spanish economy will worsen, unemployment will rise to 28-30% and all of the EU and IMF projections will look like the fantasies that they are some months out but another round of money is tossed against the wall and more debt added to the stockpile. The game remains the same. Yields are held down in Europe by the brandishing sword of Mr. Draghi as he will “Save the World” and the recession in Europe continues unabated…

What the markets hand out they can take away and usually in a heartbeat so that sound countenance must be placed upon the advantage that we have been given. It could be taxes, or an unexpected event or politics or the accumulation of debt that changes things but the wise, in my opinion, will take some advantage of our good fortune to date!

And use the funds to stock up on canned food and ammo – you’ll need both

Zero Hedge

WSJ Columnist Finds “Red Dawn” Remake Xenophobic…

27 Nov

Tao Jones worried about “holes in the plot”…

How ‘Red Dawn’ Could Have Been Remade Without the Xenophobia

Given the appeal of the fantastic in contemporary cinema, I think Vinson and his fellow producers missed a huge opportunity — especially given that we no longer live in a time when people associate the color red with the threat of global communism.

No – now its Blue…

Why not aliens instead of Asians? Extraterrestrial invaders, attacking from a staging base on the red planet Mars! At least advanced technology would provide an explanation for some of the plot’s obvious gaffes — an EMP attack that knocks out nukes and radar but does nothing to cars, consumer electronics and the power grid?

Why not indeed – or perhaps jihadists with turbans and dynamite vests 

Or why not go with Beau’s sarcastic suggestion, and depict an assault from the mythical creatures of faery — elves and trolls and goblins, spirits of fire and creatures of darkness, wielders of the red metal copper due to their fear of deadly iron?

Because its waaaay more believable that “Faeries” and Aliens would invade the US than wild eyed Commies from across the Pacific  – wouldn’t want anymore need for ” disbelief at its ludicrous setup, traverse around its gaping plot holes and swallow its manipulative, horse-pill jingoism.”

Perhaps Tao may be a tad sensitive on this one…

WSJ via Brietbart

“Wipe out all Japanese dogs” … “Death to America”…

18 Sep

Nature abhors a vacuum – and Obama is the most vacuous President in history…

While much of the West is wrapped up in the unlikely possibility that an Internet trailer could result in the murder of a US Ambassador and 3 others, acts of war against US sovereign facilities and the resulting suspension of the First Amendment …

China is getting set to go to war with Japan – over the anniversary of Japan’s occupation of some uninhabited islands in the East China Sea.

Rowdy protests sprang up in other major cities including Shanghai, raising the risk they could get out of hand and backfire on Beijing, which has given tacit approval to them through state media. One Hong Kong newspaper said some protesters in southern Shenzhen had been detained for calling for democracy and human rights.

The “protests” in China against Japan make the Arab Fail demonstrations look like homecoming week – and like the Middle East, they are government sponsored and encouraged.

China’s phantom economy is collapsing, and the Chinese government need to create a scapegoat – Sayonara Japan

The result of Obama’s foreign policy – or lack thereof – will result in war on multiple fronts

Peace be upon Him

Zero Hedge


A War Worth Losing

21 Aug

A looming trade war over “renewable energy”?

Monday’s announcement said U.S. government subsidies to wind, solar and hydro projects in Washington state, Massachusetts, Ohio, New Jersey and California acted as a barrier to imports but gave no details. It called on the U.S. government to give Chinese renewable energy products “fair treatment.”

The Chinese probe was launched last November two weeks after Washington said it would investigate whether Beijing is inappropriately subsidizing its own makers of solar panels, allowing them to flood the U.S. market with low-priced products and hurt American competitors. The Commerce Ministry said it was acting on complaints by trade groups for Chinese producers of clean energy technology that said they were hurt by the U.S. policies.

The “winner” of this war will get exactly what they deserve…

Europe is involved too as in July the EU was asked to raise tariffs on Chinese solar cells – are only set to get worse as every nation attempts to unilaterally centrally plan and promote their own suppliers in the hopes of generating higher-paid jobs.

Zero Hedgs, WaPo/AP

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