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Maybe Syria is Working Out After All…

30 Nov

Syria: Sunni Jihadist Rebels Have Killed 19 Hezbollah Fighters Over Past 10 Days…

Hezbollah has held the funerals of 19 fighters killed in battles in Syria over the past 10 days, security sources told The Daily Star Thursday.

The sources, who requested to remain anonymous, said the funeral of party fighter Majd Fouad Hajj Hasan, the nephew of Hezbollah caretaker Agriculture Minister Hussein Hajj Hasan, was held in the Beirut southern suburb of Burj al-Barajneh Thursday.

Jihadis killing Islamists – Keep on Fighting…
Daily Star/Weasel Zippers

A Coalition of the Unwilling

30 Aug

Obama Dancing by Himself..

The (UK Parilament)  vote was also a setback for Mr. Obama, who, having given up hope of getting United Nations Security Council authorization for the strike, is struggling to assemble a coalition of allies against Syria.

Remember how the “Cowboy Diplomacy” of George W. Bush destroyed American credibility


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Wag the Dog

27 Aug

The run-up to war is exciting!

Takes your mind off all the phoney scandals for awhile..



Obama’s Al Qaeda Circular Logic

13 Aug

Al Qaeda is Our Enemy, Al Qaeda is our Friend…

…for almost two years, the Obama Administration has encouraged and supported efforts to oust Assad, even going as far as to help the Syrian rebels Al Qaeda operatives get weapons to use against the Syrian Army. For starters, Bashar Assad does not pose a threat to the United States. Mr. Assad has not attacked the United States, its citizens or its installations overseas. Al Qaeda has done that. Who is fighting to unseat Mr. Assad? AL QAEDA!! So, per Morrell, who do we need to get rid of? Mr. Assad.

And who does Obama want to arm…

As foreign fighters pour into Syria at an increasing clip, extremist groups are carving out pockets of territory that are becoming havens for Islamist militants, posing what United States and Western intelligence officials say may be is developing into one of the biggest terrorist threats in the world today.

The Obama Doctrine – Safe Havens for Terrorists….

No Quarter, NYT




Obama’s empty bluster on Syria …

23 Jan

The Nonexistent Red Line

The State Department cable, signed by the U.S. consul in Istanbul and based on interviews with doctors, defectors from the Syrian Army, and activists, made what one unnamed administration official called a “compelling case” that the Syrian military had used Agent 15, or BZ gas, in Homs last month against the Sunni-majority opposition…

…in congratulating itself, the administration unwittingly underscored the fact that it could have intervened at any point over the last two years, during which time Assad has slaughtered more than 60,000 victims. Last week alone, Assad’s forces killed more than 100 people in Homs, who were shot, stabbed, and incinerated. Should we congratulate the Obama administration that they weren’t gassed?

The Obama/Clinton Mid-East Doctrine – leading us inexorably to World War 3….

Weekly Standard

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