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Peace in Due Time…

27 Nov

About That Nuke Deal…

Obama’s Staggering Incompetence

State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said that the six-month interim period, during which Iran would take steps to rein in its nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief, has not yet begun. Furthermore, there are still a number of details to be worked out, she said, without specifying what points had yet to be finalized…

…Psaki said, “it would be a progression,” but she acknowledged that they were still “working through” it.

“It’s not one month and it applies to all of the relief internationally,” she explained. “So there would be a progressive process over the course of the first set.”

Psaki also said that among the “technical details” yet to be worked out was the order in which sanctions would be relieved.

The Carpet Baggers schooled by the Carpet Traders…

Times of Israel



“If You Like Your Nukes, You Can Keep Your Nukes, cont’d…”

7 Nov

The Obama Doctrine… Iran Gets Nukes, You Lose Your Healthcare…

Hope and Change


“If you like your Nukes, you can keep your Nukes – period”

5 Nov

Obama Slow-walks Direct Action on Iran

National Security Adviser Susan Rice, her deputies Ben Rhodes and Tony Blinken and Undersecretary of State Wendy Sherman came to the meeting with a request: Hold off on pressuring Congress to move forward through the next two rounds of negotiations.

“The timing was everything,” said David Harris, executive director of the American Jewish Committee.

The meeting was on such short notice that Harris had to send a deputy in his place.

“At this point, I am willing to give the administration the benefit of their judgment,” said Abe Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League, who says the administration hopes for kernels of a deal to emerge by the end of November.

Rice, Rhodes and Blinken –  Huma Abedin and the MoBro can’t be far behind…

Jerusalem Post

Bin Laden is Dead and GM is Alive

3 Dec

And Al Qaeda is booming – so  to speak….

The Washington Post reports on the reemergence of al Qaeda in Iraq (AQI). According to Bruce Reidel, a former CIA counterterrorism expert now with the Brookings Institution, “what we’re now seeing is al Qaeda in Iraq’s revival, not only as a movement in that country but as a regional movement.” Reidel notes that from its base in the Sunni provinces west of Baghdad, AQI is building networks in Syria and Jordan “at an alarming rate.”

The same cannot be said for AQI and, of course, Iran. AQI is now major force in Iraq, a growing force in Syria, and a threat to Jordan. That’s part of the steep price being paid for Obama’s disengagement.

Obama Foreign Policy – lead from behind, holiday in Hawaii and work on the slice…

Power Line

“Today’s Karl Marx is Iran”

26 Nov

Condoleezza Rice presents an adult and realistic, if fatalistic view of the challenges in the Middle East – this is a view not shared by the Obama administration.

Today’s Karl Marx is Iran. It envisions the spread of its influence among Shiites, uniting them under the theocratic flag of Tehran — destroying the integrity of Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Lebanon. Iran uses terrorist groups, Hezbollah and the Shiite militias in southern Iraq to do its bidding. Syria is the linchpin, the bridge into the Arab Middle East. Tehran no longer hides the fact that its security forces are working in Syria to prop up Assad. In this context, Tehran’s sprint toward a nuclear weapon is a problem not just for Israel but the region as a whole.

And then the obvious and troubling question about the Obama doctrine, and the risk…

“Where is America…”

But the breakdown of the Middle East state system is a graver risk. Iran will win, our allies will lose, and for decades the region’s misery and violence will make today’s chaos look tame.

War is not receding in the Middle East. It is building to a crescendo. Our elections are over. Now, America must act.

But it won’t – at least under this President.  Is it racist to accuse Condoleezza Rice of being competent and realistic?

Washington Post

Bill Whittle – “Are You Actually Telling Me These Two Visions are Equivalent?”

25 Nov

Bill Whittle has a message for Conservatives – worth hearing

While Bill Kristol and John McCain are trying to drag the Republicans to the left, Bill Whittle has a much more principled approach – believe what you say, and say what you believe…

“…if Barack Obama can be President of the United States, anyone on the planet can be President of the United States…”

“… with the things we (Republicans) did poorly, they (Democrats) did EVERYTHING right, and it was still 50/50…”

David Horowitz TV via Hot Air


Obama’s October Surprise?

4 Oct

Obama (Peace be Upon Him) will do ANYTHING to stay in power –

After having his ass handed to him in front of 60 million Americans and countless others around the world on live TV last night, it is unlikely any over-sampling of Democrats in the polls is going to save Obama’s campaign.

If Romney starts pulling ahead in the polls, expect the Obama regime to pull out all the stops to stay in power.

With Turkey and Syria blowing up, Libya and Egypt becoming bigger embarrassments for the administration and Iran on the brink of financial collapse… would an Obama ordered military attack on any or all of the above, prior to November 6 be a surprise to anyone but the far left of his base?

UPDATE:  Naval Update: T-Minus One Week Until Arabian Sea Destination Reached

UPDATE 2: Former CIA Official: Obama ‘October Surprise’ Airstrike in Libya ‘Would Be Criminal’

With that level of politicization of our defense strategy in the White House, this official states that a “wag the dog” scenario, in which airstrikes are undertaken in order to make the president seem stronger going into an election, is a very real possibility. “We’re 30 days before the election,” he said. “People have been crying wolf over ‘wag the dog’ since the movie came out. But this would be it. There’s not one intelligence officer – even the Director of National Intelligence – who could look you in the eye and say, ‘Sure, the intelligence is good enough for a surgical strike using smart weapons from above.’



Buckle up America…

Zero Hedge

Now if we can only get the rest of Islam to stop coming…

26 Sep

Iran warns its citizens that Canada is a dangerous place

In the wake of the embassy closing, “Islamphobia and Iranphobia have not stopped in Canada, rather escalated over the past few days,” reported the semi-official news agency Irna, quoting from the Foreign Ministry travel warning.

It added Iranian expatriates has been arrested and expelled and deprived of basic rights, including banking transactions – apparently a reference to financial sanctions imposed by Canada and other governments on Iran over its controversial nuclear program.

Whatever works.

Ahmadinejad – doing the job Jason Kenny won’t…

Globe and Mail

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