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QOTD…Useful Idiots…

1 Nov

Socialism is Our Future…

“How are youth supposed to get to their probation officers if there is no bus?”

How Indeed…

Coquitlam Now


He Was A Quiet Man…

10 Jul

Benjamin Levin, Ontario’s Socialist Architect of “Penetrative Sex for Children” School Curriculum….

The revision, outlined in 208 pages that were quietly posted on the Ministry of Education’s website in January, will for the first time teach Grade 3 pupils about such topics as sexual identity and orientation, and introduce terms like “anal intercourse” and “vaginal lubrication” to children in Grades 6 and 7. The new curriculum begins in Grade 1 with lessons about the proper names of body parts.

Is Charged With Producing Child Porn…

The esteemed professor, who was also an adviser in Premier Kathleen Wynne’s interim government, had previously been charged with five counts related to child pornography.

People who worked with Mr. Levin during his time in government described him as popular within the civil service and an easy person to get along with.

And he’s pals with Justine Trudeau….

Just sayin’…

BCF,Globe and Mail

Surprisingly the “Comments are Closed”

Socialized Medicine – Defying Economic Logic

15 Mar

The Odd Economics of Canadian Health Care

Canada’s health care system has become unworkable and uneconomic. Politicians of all stripes use the promise of “free” health care to buy votes. The majority of Canadians will complain about wait times, the lack of available doctors and shortages of drugs, treatments and hospitals. At the same time, many of these people use socialized health care as a way to define their “Canadianism”.

It takes a fair amount of willful ignorance to accept that reducing the supply of anything, in the face of rising demand, results in lower cost — but when it comes to health care, millions of Canadians do.

Penticton Western News

Canada’s Socialist NDP Party …

14 Feb

The Government in Waiting…

Anti-Socialist Socialist MP Pat Martin is a true champ…

The Loyal Opposition


The NDP are guided by the oxymoronic principle of “democratic socialism.”

11 Jan

B.C. needs to look at own fiscal issues

Some in B.C. will criticize Americans for their profligate spending, blaming George Bush and his wars, or Obama and his welfare state. With no wars to pay for, and a more responsible financial system in Canada, we in B.C. appear to have much less to worry about when in comes to our financial situation. We would be wrong.

The NDP are guided by the oxymoronic principle of “democratic socialism.” In staying true to their principles, the NDP will significantly increase both taxes on individuals and spending on programs.  The merit of each can be debated however based on the math alone, B.C. simply cannot afford either – and therefore cannot afford another bout of the NDP.

Penticton Western News

Now We’re All “Idle No More”…

8 Jan

Most Euro-Canadians can find some Native Blood in the woodpile somewhere…


In his decision, Judge Phelan examined a broad sweep of historical evidence that established the Métis and non-status Indians were treated in much the same way full-status Indians were.

“The evidence concerning non-status Indians establishes that such persons were considered within the broad class of ‘Indians,’” he concluded.

Let’s all find a bridge to blockade!

Globe and Mail

US Culture Wars – Hipster vs Gun…

21 Dec

Why do school shooters look more like” Neo” than “John McLean”…?

After Connecticut: the myth of America’s ‘gun culture’

Clearly, there’s something other than ‘gun culture’ going on here. There must be other ‘cultures’ at play, ones which have their roots in something newer than the Second Amendment. Those cultures, to my mind, are today’s profound culture of atomisation, which can have the effect of wrenching individuals from the communities they live in and from the social and moral norms that once governed everyday life, and the destabilising culture of fear, whose treatment of every school shooting as an epoch-defining event which destroys American values does nothing to quell such acts of violence, and in fact could act as an unwitting invitation to other loners who want to make a massive impact and hold the modern world to ransom.

“…Them, rednecks, whose gun lust is apparently poisoning even decent, middle-class America, places like Connecticut. Yet a closer look at the school-shooting phenomenon might reveal that it is more a product of the very modern, even liberal-promoted cultures of individual identity and fear-stoking, than it is the fault of Texans or Moloch.”


Justin Trudeau – Lost in Translation

23 Nov

The US just re-elected a “great unifier” – can North America really afford two?



Are Canada’s low-information voters going elect another Trudeau? We’re just digging out from the mess the last Trudeau made…


Gaza Style

20 Nov

Well there are war crimes and then there are war crimes – then there are Muslim assholes in Gaza…


These are the savages former NDP MP Jim Manly and his pals in the NDP and Liberal Party support with their money their voices and their actions.



Lynch mob ... Palestinian gunmen ride motorcycles as they drag the body of a man (not seen.

Gaza’s motorcycle lynch mob: ‘spies’ executed, corpse dragged through streets

Witnesses said six men had earlier been taken onto a main street in the Sheikh Radwan neighbourhood in Gaza City and forced to lay down on the ground, where they were shot to death.

The rest of Pollard’s article seems to treat the dead as guilty, the incident an aberration, the sentiments understandable, and the possibility of Muslim resistance to terrorist Hamas inconceivable – and I wonder if the same leniency would have been extended to Jews shooting “collaborators” and dragging their bodies through the street:

“Some of the names that have been mentioned to me tonight [as collaborators who were killed] had already been charged and sentenced to death. They were not just taken from the street today and shot,” Mr Yousef said.

Charged by whom? Sentenced by whom? Which court ordered the dragging of the bodies?

“Collaborators are a very serious issue in Palestinian society. According to many hundreds of cases there have been extremely serious crimes committed by collaborators, especially in situations like this.”

According to many in the media, this kind of thing is “justified”

No mention of the tons of aid Israel continues to send into Gaza while the Islamists continue to fire rockets into Israel.


Andrew Bolt, SMH.com. National Post

Adventures in EU Communism

15 Nov

The economy is now so bad in Spain that if you buy a toaster they give you a bank.

Europe officially entered into a recession it was just announced this morning. The economy in Europe is so bad now that a picture is only worth two hundred words. The Europeans blame everything on the ratings agencies lately. There is some wisdom to this. “Moody” is how they are feeling and “Standard & Poor” is what they will be feeling soon. Recently in Spain it was reported that a teacher asked one of her students what his father did for a living. The little boy said his father did a striptease in one of the clubs in Madrid. The teacher was shocked and asked if this was true. The young fellow said, “No, he is the head of corporate credit for Bankia but I am too embarrassed to tell anyone.” Finally I can report that the European recession is causing a lot of confusion. Recently one of the television stations in Greece asked a man in Athens if he knew what city was the capitol of the country. He said, “Of course; about 70 Euros.”

The Dems in the US and the NDP/Liberals in Canada aspire to European style “democratic socialism”… be careful what you wish for…

Zero Hedge


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