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Wind Power – “Uniquely Parasitic”

9 Jan

…wind generation is not close to being competitive…

California is having to sign contracts for capacity ahead of when otherwise needed, partly due to retiring facilities. The existing reserves will soon be inadequate.

The contracts being signed provide capacity, something absolutely crucial to grid reliability that wind facilities cannot provide. While all generation is ‘back-upped’ by other facilities on the grid, wind requires but does not provide any backup to others. It is, somewhat uniquely, a parasitic resource.

Wind power, saving the planet one, or two raptors at a time.



Master Resource, SDA


Environmentalists say they are alarmed…

2 Jan

Well that’s shocking…

BC environmentalists anti oilsands activists are concerned that an inactive oil drilling platform, being towed from one job to another, ran aground after being cut loose from its tugboats during a storm.

It ran aground in Alaska, it wasn’t in operation, and…

Ty Keltner, a spokesman for the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation, said there were no reports of a fuel spill,

Nevertheless what is essentially a barge, that were it not for safety concerns, would never have seen the shoreline, and has caused no environmental damage in Alaska, let alone BC, apparently, according to our pals at the Globe and Mail…is another reason to kill Northern Gateway…

Globe and Mail

Mr. and Mrs. Susan Rice – Tax the Rich

29 Nov

After all they voted for it….

Conflict-of-interest issue for Rice on Keystone XL project?

Rice and her husband, a producer at ABC News, have a net worth between $26 million and $39 million, making Rice one of the wealthiest members of Obama’s Cabinet.  There is nothing wrong with that, of course, and the overall wealth shows that this investment is a very small part of Rice’s portfolio.  However, that may not matter to those who oppose Rice’s nomination, nor to those who oppose the Keystone XL pipeline, two very different constituencies that might have a common cause if Obama sends her name in nomination to the Senate.

Meanwhile …

According to her May 2012 financial disclosure, Rice has an investment in TransCanada Corporation worth between $300,000 and $600,000. TransCanada is angling for the State Department’s permission to build the final portion of the Keystone XL pipeline — a 1,700-mile conduit for crude oil between Canadian deposits and Texas refineries.

If she were confirmed as secretary of state, Rice would have final authority to green-light the large section of the pipeline project still languishing in regulatory purgatory.

If she can lie on 5 National News shows about Benghazi, what’s a little conflict of interest…

Hot Air

Canada’s New Comprehensive Immigration Policy…

12 Nov

Invite Americans to come up and bring their money and ideas!

When Bush won, the US Commies threatened to come to Canada – now that they’ve won, let’s encourage the “best” of the US to move up.

Sun TV

Gas Prices Skewed, Job Numbers Not So Much

9 Oct

The astonishing and strangely fortuitous improvement in the US jobless rate last Friday – which happily for the Obama campaign coincided with Obama’s somewhat less than stellar debate performance – is, we are told, solid, valid and not to be questioned.  To do so is an insult to the good men and women at Obama’s BLS.

Nothing to see here – move along…



But the less than helpful increase in gasoline prices is just an anomaly, all California’s fault...

Thomas Mulcair – Collectivist Wildcatter

24 Sep

Angry Tom Mulcair, career socialist lawyer politician from Montreal knows what it takes to make Alberta’s oil industry successful… central planning…

The Canadian economy needs a better balance among manufacturing, the service sector and primary industries like oilsands mining and policies that encourage value-added jobs in all provinces, said Mulcair, noting that Ontario has lost 500,000 manufacturing jobs in recent years.

“What we are talking about is re-establishing the balanced economy that Canada had painstakingly built up since the Second World War,” said Mulcair. “We don’t think one has to be sacrificed for the other.”

Forget about market forces, supply and demand, and private risk – the NDP has a “plan to balance” the economy…

The New Democratic Party believes that social, economic and political progress in Canada can only be assured by the application of democratic socialist principles to government and the administration of public affairs.
The principles of democratic socialism can be defined briefly as follows: a) the production and distribution of goods and services shall be directed to meeting the social and individual needs of people and not for profit, b) the modification and control of the operations of monopolistic productive and distributive organizations through economic and social planning, towards these ends, and c) where necessary, the extension of the principle of social ownership.

Edmonton Journal

Peace River BC – Ring of Fire

6 Sep

The Globe and Mail reports that “fracking” has caused “scores” of earthquakes in Northern BC

These caused no damage or injuries, and only one was felt on the surface near pre-existing faults. Still, a recent probe into the quakes could well provide ammunition to those opposed to this method of drilling for natural gas…

Quakes recorded by Natural Resources Canada ranged from 2.2 to 3.8 on the Richter scale, below the 4 mark and thus deemed minor….

So no damage, no injuries and only one on a “pre-existing” fault (is the clear implication here is that fracking “could” create a “new” fault?).

Glossed over in the “probe” is the fact that the oil industry in BC, Alberta and Saskatchewan has been pumping sand and fluid into hydrocarbon formations for decades with no effect other than increased employment and prosperity.

Hard to determine which is sadder – the ignorance and advocacy of the Globe, or the spineless response by Canada’s Oil Industry…

Globe and Mail, Calgary Herald


Americans can always be counted on…

23 Aug

To do the right thing…. after they’ve exhausted all other options…



Looks as though some are finally getting it.


via SDA

Poor Adrian Dix – and he was doing so well…

22 Aug

Keeping his head down and his mouth shut is his best bet for becoming premier…

and now this…

“If we do nothing, then the decision of the B.C. government will be made by [Prime Minister] Stephen Harper. I don’t think that’s acceptable to British Columbians. I think the people of B.C. want people in B.C. to have a voice in that process and we intend to provide that,”

In the battle over who mis-understands Constitutional Law, Clark is well out in front, but Dix just made up some big ground…

His AG designate (apparently) happily displays his ignorance of reality…

Questions remain, however, on what the province could do to stop a project that appears to be under federal jurisdiction. When asked if B.C. could legally block Northern Gateway, Mr. Rankin suggested it’s possible, though there’s little case law to draw from.

Or none – because the Province can’t stop it.

BC Blue asks some cogent questions...
Globe and Mail

Christy Clark – The Predictable Result of On-Line Voting…

22 Aug

Martyn Brown – former BC Premier Gordon Campbell’s  chief of staff encapsulates the Christy Clark’s “Family First” plan…

“Unfortunately for B.C. Liberals, Premier Clark has steered her government along an erratic course. She has edged her way forward by bumping against public opinion and by scraping against each new hazard, and then veering away in whatever direction seems to be safest,” he writes.

He also nicely describes Clark’s infantile position on Northern Gateway

Ms. Clark chose to be “officially undecided, unofficially supportive and as invisible as possible” on the proposed $6-billion pipeline to ship oil-sands bitumen to the B.C. coast for shipment to Asia before she took her controversial stand.

When the BC Liberals went for a talk show host of a leader, elected by Internet voting – they got exactly what they deserved.

Globe and Mail


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